Draughts NZEC

Hi Guys,

I am new here and I think like many first timers, I am having the NZEC error on my Java solution. I’ve been checking to spot any places in my code where it might be causing any run-time errors but have so far had no luck. Locally my test based on the sample input/output, passes.

I’ve changed my solution a few times (you can find a few submissions under my name…)

Am I relying on the input data to be correct too much in my code? If anyone can spot what is causing the problem, I would be grateful and should give me an idea on future submissions.

The test:

My solution:


@iqdot : Please read faq’s

Why do I get a compile error?

There are a few reasons why your code may compile on your computer but not on Codechef. In all cases, you can see the compile error by clicking on the Compile Error icon after submitting your code.


Your class containing the main method must be a public class called Main. It may not be called anything else.

Do not use packages.

However it should give Compile Error , not sure why it is giving runtime error .

Will go through your code , but once please remove package declaration and try again .

Right thank you, it was the package declaration.