DP easy problems

Plz provide the link to easy DP problems on codechef/spoj




Topcoder tutorials:



Few dp problem on codechef <br >

  1. sum in a triangle <br >
  2. ByteLand Gold coin

Codechef problems : link


Can someone tell from where to study about dp? I just know what dp is and few of it moreā€¦


You can use this to find problems for various topics. Just type the keyword and hit enter.

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Refer Introduction to Algorithms by CLRS, here https://www.google.co.in/search?q=introduction+to+algorithms&oq=introduction+to&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.6978j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8

link cant be accessed


Solve among these: Fibonacci modified, maximum subarray, red john is back, longest increasing subsequence and longest common subsequence. These are easy.

For those who want to get an idea of dp and some problems where it is used,

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Read the first 2 sets to understand implementaton better

The ranking system in Short and LunchTime contests is just plain wrong. The time should be measured from when the person has entered the contest and not from when the contest has started. e.g. if person A solves problem in 1hr and person B solves it in 5min but entered contest late, person A is given higher rank than person B which from my perspective is wrong and partial. Most of other websites e.g Hackerrank and Hackerearth use it like thi. Please look in this matter. Sorry for commenting here but I am not allowed to ask a question due to lower karma points.

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