Doubts about ACM ICPC Gwalior Regionals 2018 ?

Our Team is selected for ACM ICPC Regional for year 2018 to be held on 17-18 December 2018.
But the Problem is that two of my teammates are seniors and have their end semester exams on 20th Dec.

  1. Can I (1 team member) Go for the regional without my teammates as a single member (My reserved team member refused due to family problems ) ? I am so excited and honored because this my first time.
  2. Can I get certificate of participation without solving any question at the onsite ?
  3. How to get permission for allowing only one member ?

Can You Please help be because this is my first time to regional and first team from our college.

According to my knowledge they don’t allow less members… That was reason for keeping reserved member… I think they write it clearly in rules that each team should have exactly three members…

Mailing them with a letter stamped by the head of institution or something with a reason of not attending might help. In fact if your coach handles this that will be a plus. They might allow you. Depends on the person in charge. :slight_smile:

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Depending upon the regional, you might be able to take non reserved members with you.

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Thanks for your help guys . Because of genuine reasons, they have allowed me as a single team members to compete in Gwalior regionals. This is a great opportunity for me and an unbelievable experience . Though my seniors have credits for this and I thank them for this opportunity .