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What does the following statement imply?
The total length of S in a single input file will not exceed 10^6.

The length of the string will not be greater than 10^6 characters. It is just an upper bound on the length.

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there are many test files for a given problem…and each test file has many testcases…so the sum total of lengths of strings of all the test cases in a test file does not exceed 10^6.


there can be a test file in which there can be at the max 10 inputs with string lengths 10^5…or there can be at the max 100 test cases with string lengths 10^4…and any such combinations…hope this helps…:slight_smile:

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So,if my string is of length 10^6 ,then the number of testcases must be 1…

yup…but you dont need to keep a track of the total length…it is made sure that the test cases are designed in that way!!!