Doubt regarding ACM ICPC Regionals

Is it possible to change site for ACM ICPC regionals? My team has been registered by the coach but still we have not paid onsite fees.

Login through your emai-id and try if it is possible to edit or mail them or contact them if you really want to

change site for ACM ICPC regionals.

Your coach should be having that option. By the way, do you want to change site just because you havent paid onsite fees? Won’t this occur in the new site as well?


your coach is allowed to ADD a new team for a different regional (if required; using all the same previous team details) and CANCEL the old one.

You will find the ‘cancel’ option by clicking on the old team name from your coach’s dashboard.

Feel free to add a comment if you need more help. All the best for ACM ICPC ! :slight_smile: