DOUBLE: Question Unclear

As I got the question, it simply asks to give the length of the double string obtained on removing and altering the order of char. from a palindrome.

But if this was the question one could always get a double string of same length as a palindrome(if even length) by just reversing the last half digits.

So please tell that what the question is asking.

Read the question carefully. All details are provided

did I get it correctly??

what is the maximal possible number of characters in a “double string” that can be obtained by removing and changing the order of symbols in a palindrome

you just copy pasted the question…
by changing the order one can convert a palindrome to a double string of equal length…??

read above lines, until u get it correctly. we’ve to change the order in order to convert to double string. why’re u reversing the last half the question says clearly,maximal