does input variable need to be same as specified in problem

are we required to take the input variables same as that mentioned in the problem??

No! Not at all. You are free to give any kind of names to your variables. :slight_smile:

Good variable names account for better readability, but there are programmers who name variables with the name of their ex or anything. Don’t worry!

Variables in problem statements are there to make sense and so that one can be distinguished from the other. You should just name according to your convenience but it should make sense. With sense, I don’t mean something like these

float away;
long long ago;
char coal;

but in the context of the program. :slight_smile:


Hahaha name of their ex, seriously ???
Your example of variable names made my day… float away and long long ago, hahaha…

float away, long long ago, char coal!! ROTFLOL!!!

:slight_smile: Thanks. Glad that the answer was funny and it made you people laugh.

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great sense of humor. loved the answer, now looking forward to more of these from you.