Does codechef still reward "goodies" for top contributors?

I am one of the top 5 contributors (I being 2nd) during May but never got an email (yes, I checked spam). I tried to email them reccently (at least 2 days ago) but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I’m wondering if anyone here was able to receive goodies from codechef as a top contributor in the recent months. Thanks! @admin @rudreshwar

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yes they do get 300 laddus or reddem points , i was a top contributer in one of the previous months , and i got at the first week of the next month . You can write to them incase.

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Can you tell me how did you get it? The codechef goodie site says “Coming soon” and its been quite a while since they announced that :stuck_out_tongue:


in what month were you top contributor?

you will get a email from them like “CodeChef : Thank you for Your Contribution April 2016”

@mightymercado I was a top contributer in month april

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Never got an email like that. I was top contributor in May. @admin

Still haven’t got a reply from staff after 3 days. I emailed these:

@geek_geek I was not talking about the email. I was taking about the actual goodie or the laddus. Did you get any of them?

I’ve also earned a codechef goodie (last August), and I never received anything, it was for a vulnerability report in the website, I got an email from Rudreshwar (he asked me to send him my name, address, phone number etc.), and I didn’t receive any response on my reply to that email.
Should I resend my details?
I’d really like to get a shirt ^^

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Well, at least you got an email about it man :frowning:

I got a reply saying I have to wait for the Laddu Accrual System.