Does C++ 4.3.2 compiler supports Eigen library here on Codechef?

I was looking for a library for linear algebra operations and found Eigen so I was curious to know if it is supported on the Online Judge.


Hello @bugkiller,

I believe that anything that is external library related doesn’t work, as the judge allows only the “standard” libraries to be used…

That also happens with more common things, like BigInts…

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I have always wondered that if some “xyz” is an external library,wont it be implemented as a header file?if so cant we just copy the source code of the external library into our code(the part that is needed) and get away with it…

Suppose STL was banned,then copying a few of header files could work…

Although,I have never tried this…

copying the source would work, afaik. because it is only the derived version of standard functions.

thanks for your reply Bruno.

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You are welcome my friend! :slight_smile: