Do you think June Challenge(div2) was tough except first problem?

I think problems were too difficult. Except the first one with accuracy of 50+, all problems had accuracy in single digits or 11-14 (for 2 problems and a challenge). I need to know if everyone thinks the same or I should work harder.

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I agree problems were a bit tough this time. But isn’t it good in some way? you got to learn new things. And yes i feel you should work harder should be the ans. I also spent 2-3 days solving just 1 problem having no/basic idea on the rest but I didn’t give up. Internet is a great resource . Learn to use it to your benifit especially when you have so many days. Also keep learning and don’t stay in hope for easier questions. Next time you might perform very well even if hard problems are given . :slight_smile:


Work harder!

Yes, all problems were tougher than last time, but thats what contest admin @mgch had in mind! He wants you people to learn, whether it be by looking at internet for resources and solving the question, or reading the editorial. The P3 Sheokland and String was excellent example. Upsolving it teaches you trie, gives you hands on experience of a complex data structure. I feel its a good initiative :slight_smile:

This may feel rough now, but with proper upsolving, it will benefit you in the long run.


Sheokland was to be done by trie? I was worried that if I use trie, I would exceed memory limit…

I havent read the editorial , but in case it needs prefix trie you can prevent TLE and MLE using persistent tries

Its tries + sorting queries offline (used in Mos algo). Alternatively, your query for memory was also answered in editorial!

i just have one problem why was my solution for VSN not accepted ? i have wrote the exact same condition as others and i was even being over-cautious by type-casting and using trick to reduce the parameters of quadratic at every step even though it was not required at all. yeah SHKSTR was easy, but TLE :frowning: in last 3 cases even though showed 0.00 sec in first 3. i’d be glad if someone can check my solution for VSN.

I also feel the same. In MAY challenge (Div 1) around 675 participants submitted at least one answer (AC/WA or any verdict). In June this was around 525. Difficulty level increased significantly. We should not forget that in May, most of the colleges have end sem exams and in June we have vacations and in spite of that, the participation was higher. In April it was 800+. Fewer people have tried questions.