Do I get karma for commenting?

Will commenting on a post give me any karma? If no, then why?

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No, you won’t generate karma by commenting. We have a reason for that and you can read more about it in here.

And this is, in my opinion, bad. I’m not talking in general, but here in CodeChef Discuss and how we use it, this is against community…

Let me explain it:
Simple use case is, that someone has some difficulties with a problem and I found the problem and want to help. When he/she asks question and I answer it and he/she vote up my answer I get some karma. But if the question is answer and answer to question is a comment I have no karma. That’s the reason why @anton_lunyov has so “small” karma, because he is helping a lot. And that is unfair :frowning:


Another reason why this is bad is, that you (@admin) are forcing people to ask the question as answers to editorial questions, but only a few users answers such questions when they know, they will have no karma regardless how good their answer is…

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@betlista >> agree with you, thats why had raised a question previously, but had to delete it.

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