Division of problems by difficulty level

When the editorials are published there are 5 kind of divisions for difficulty level :

  1. Cakewalk

  2. Simple

  3. Easy

  4. Medium

  5. Hard

However , when the problems move to practice section the first three categories are combined in EASY .
I dont like this . I have been a computer science teacher in past and still some people come to me for guidance . Its difficult for me to guide them to code chef because there is a wide range of problems in EASY section . Some are cakewalk which is where i want them to start . But some are in fact quite difficult and EASY only for someone who has completed his computer science education not for someone who has just begun his computer science section .

Now with School section coming up there is a new category in practice section . I dont think it serves any good to have a separate “School” category in practice section . They should also be categorized into 1 to 5 difficulty level and marked as such .


well pointed, I also felt this problem, when I was boosting my friends to participate in codechef, though My branch is Computer Science, but all the problems after some level in Easy section become difficult for anyone new into competitive coding, for this purpose I have to ask them to solve Peer problems first but If there can be a division into these 5 basic level, it will be more better

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Unfortunately the distinction between Cakewalk/Simple and Simple/Easy is itself not easy (no pun intended). If the difficulty is not determined accurately people will again complain.

But I am in favor of division using feedback from users who got AC on the problem on a scale of 3. So for existing categories i.e Easy/Medium/Hard/Challenge/Peer/School, there can be further division on scale of 3.

Number of solutions cannot be good because some problems are in the Practice Section right from the start of codechef, hence their are some problems which are tuff for the starter, but has many AC submissions, I think it will be better to qualify on the basis of Accuracy.

@vinayak garg , @others : What I wanted to point out was that this hard of division of a EASY problem into Cakewalk , Simple , Easy is already being done and this is the difficulty level mentioned in the editorials . I feel the labeling of problems into Cakewalk / Simple / Easy that is done in editorials is already quite accurate .

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Edit: Does the new problem tagging feature solve this issue? E.g: http://www.codechef.com/tags/problems/cakewalk

Yes this is a very good suggestion. We are going to implement Problem Searching based on Tag(s) very soon. It is already taken up and should be up by this weekend. The tags will be fetched by the Discuss Editorials for each problem and this problem should be addressed by this.


I even have one more objection along with this regarding the placement of the “Peer” section at the end…
As the difficulty level begins from “Beginner” and ends with “Challenge” encountering “Easy”, “Medium”, “Hard” on the way middle… placing “Peer” section at the end might be misunderstood by the newbies of code chef as if that is the section which contains the hardest problems of all…

As a fellow teacher I know that there are things which are easy but hard to do it when you are specially teaching it to them. I usually run into computer science teachers as at finest assignments there are easy help like when we are making paper on excel sometime the alignment of paper seems to be not like what we want so these little problem are solved by our computer science teacher.

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