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Simple Math


Given a natural number, calculate sum of all its proper divisors. A proper divisor of a natural number is the divisor that is strictly less than the number.

This problem has very simple solution, we all know that for any number ‘num’ all its divisors are always less than and equal to ‘num/2’ and all prime factors are always less than and equal to sqrt(num). So we iterate through ‘i’ till i<=sqrt(num) and for any ‘i’ if it divides ‘num’ , then we get two divisors ‘i’ and ‘num/i’ , continuously add these divisors but for some numbers divisors ‘i’ and ‘num/i’ will same in this case just add only one divisor , e.g; num=36 so for i=6 we will get (num/i)=6 , that’s why we will at 6 in the summation only once. Finally we add one as one is divisor of all natural numbers.

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