Distinct Characters Subsequence

what is the meaning of
subtask 1 (20 points):1 ≤ N ≤ 10
Subtask 2 (80 points):1 ≤ N ≤ 10^5

where N is coming or being used, as question is only about T

As mentioned in first line itself, N is the length of string sequence. There can be two type of testcases:- Subtask1 and Subtask2. If your program will pass the testcases of type 1 i.e of length 10 then you will get 20 points and if your program passes the testcases of type 2 i.e of length upto 10^5 then you will get 80 points.

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It means you have a subtask 1, in which the string is of maximum length 20 (characters) and in subtask 2 you can have string with maximum length 1,00,000 (10^5).

You will get 20 points if you solve all test cases T in subtask 1 and 80 points for solving all test cases T in subtask 2.

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