DISHLIFE practice

I started a discussion here few days back.

Admin said new test cases will be added but are not.

Just tried this problem for testing purpose.

@errichto said, strong test cases will be in practice section, isn’t it added?

not added,

They will be added soon enough or may have been added. Codechef will definitely look into it till then practice some other problems:)

I think he needs some time might use another reminder. I feel had he been the setter, he would have done the job. But since the setter is someone else, things might not be so…direct. I contacted him for cases of MAKETRI of FEB long too. Hence my conclusion/opinion.

ok,we can wait.

The test case which fails the following solution has been added. (The wrong solution idea is following: Go from 0 to n - 1, if there is no new ingredients added in this island, then this island is necessary to take, which is ofcourse a wrong conclusion, as it underlies on the specific order of visiting the islands). So sorry for the delays. I feel really stupid of not thinking the solution which many people used. The facepalm moment when you write 300 lines of code for generating test cases and still miss the most important test case.