Discussion group for INOI 2015 preparations.

We need some help. So, the ZIO/ZCO results are out. Around 280 students have qualified for the next round, INOI. It is to be held on the 31st of January. The details of this contest and the selection of the candidates can be found here: http://www.iarcs.org.in/inoi/2015/.

Since most school students do not know where to seek help from and how to prepare, we have created this forum group for these students to seek help from. We have contacted them and will be adding them to this forum soon. We need volunteers who can help them solve their queries/mentor them over the next one month or further.

The group can be found here: http://inoi15.discuss.codechef.com/

Since this is a closed group, those interested are requested to post their username in the comments or send an email to schools@codechef.com. We will have to add you guys so that you can post to the group. Your help is needed and will be much appreciated.

Today, most of the preparation for a school student happens during the training session in which only 20 students are selected. After that there is very little time left for the world finals. We hope this exercise will help the students start preparing early and may make a good difference.



username: sarsjits

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i think AoPS will be helpful too.

The link doesn’t work any more.

@superty: which link does not work?

I get a 500 server error:

Seems to be fixed now.

Yes. There was a bug which we have fixed. All the best!

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Can anyone bother to explain a bottom-top approach of the INOI 2013 question CALVINSGAME?

Please post it as a separate question @shauryachats

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akulsareen. edit: approximately how long will it take to be added?


Username: sakshi_garg

user name @aalok_sathe