Discussion forum getting worse and worse.

Its seems like the moderators of the forum are becoming more lazy than earlier as nowadays i am seeing more and more spammers creating accounts at CodeChef and posting spams on forum and not that only many users are asking off-topics and even worse some are creating a post and answering himself to earn more Karma points.

I request the admin to please look at all this matters and delete all such user’s account from CodeChef forever and also permanently delete all such questions & answers which are marked off-topics,spam & duplicate

Hope others agree with me.


true that, some users are asking questions that have already been answered on the forum and are posting questions frequently for the sake of karma.

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quite true , many are asking old question and things which are already clearly answered for karma … though i don’t think it correct to blame admin completely for it … we should also try and report such instances to then

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Hey guys don’t you think that a user with less than -20 or -30 should be banned from writing answers on discuss forums.Just see the case in this link .


Here users like @homeopathydoct @daviddickerson @bahrainvilla are writing rubbish and promoting some other stuff.