Discuss functionality problems


I found few problem in forum recently:

  • “Award points” functionality is not working
  • it is possible to have more than one accepted answer for a question (see here, I have never seen that before)

I’m going to write to admins, so if there are are thing not working properly, let us know, I’ll send them link to this post.


Hey Betlista, Thanks for reporting it to us. We will look into the “Award Points” feature and fix it. As for your second point, yes it is now possible to have more than one accepted answer. We have made some changes to our existing discuss functionality and will announce them all soon.


Ranklist page is quite buggy still. Mostly, it doesn’t open. One has to keep reloading for quite a few number of times.

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Yes, my experience is the same, I reported this and the answer was “It’s working on our side” and when I checked it was also working for me, but at the end of the contest it was not woking for me for hours…

Great, I was not sure if this is bug or feature, great to hear it a feature, there are situation when this will be handy :wink:

@admin still the “award points” feature doesn’t work. If you don’t want to keep this, remove it at least. Two years since this now.

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Btw what is “award points” all about?

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I am also curious to know. In Fact it is not working since i joined codechef(in fact prior to that).

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