Discrete Optimization/Algorithms Course

Hey Codermates there is this course I came across based on “Discrete Optimization” from the University of Melbourne hosted on coursera… Since we all here are to much interested in Algorithmic Programming I thought it will be helpful for all of us to improve our skills… The Course has started on 18th June 2013 and a certificate with/without distinction will be given to qualifying students passing with required grade… The link to course is Discrete Optimization.

Well there is one more course on “Algorithms: Design and Analysis” from Stanford University starting on July 1st 2013. link - Algorithms: Design and Analysis.

Disclaimer : This is not an advertisement post but I really think these courses will help us in improving our skill. And also I consider codechef community is more for the purpose of learning and sharing and thats what I am doing.

Reminder (29-06-2013): Hey everyone!!! for those who missed this or forgot to start the course of “Discrete Optimization” they can still visit the classes since first submission deadline is extended. And also as of 1st July, the course of “Algorithms: Design and Analysis” is going to start. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @devanshug, just at the time when I needed it.

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anytime bro…

@devanshug : Thanks for website . Though I had heard this name coursera . I had never visited their website earlier . I found it really useful and beneficial . Thanks for sharing .


@devanshug : I heard about this website before but never attended any course , Is this course will be virtual? i.e. live to us, so we can ask any doubt during the class Or it will be any recorded video?

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Recorded videos. And there are quizzes, assignements to complete for “validate” the course.
There is also a forum where you can discuss about the videos, the exercises and about topics more general.
It’s a really great site, but there are deadlines that you mustn’t forgot if you want an attestation of accomplishement at the end.

I forgot to mention this, but there is a dedicated forum for any preferable course… This forum will be for asking any doubts and solving doubts of other… If a person is able to complete the quizzes on time and get threshold marks, he is awarded with a certificate with/without distinction… I hope Codechef Community can have benefit from this… I hope to see all you guys there… :slight_smile:

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@alex3er thanks dude…

@anick_gemini >> Any problem? Reason for downvoting?

@bugkiller : bro let it be… I think he doesn’t like me… or maybe my suggestion… u also knw any voting procedure wont count infront of these valuable suggestions…

Yes you’re right. Haters gonna hate. Cheers!

now on course discrete optimization although due date was 25 June but hard deadline is 6th July so any one who haven’t joined the course and want to join that course can join it because there is no penalty b4 hard deadline … and if someone misses both due date and hard deadline then to just watch these videos b’coz we r learner not just virtual certificate earners and after all thanks to @devanshug for such useful info…

Hi, DevanShug i am sumit from Bihar,India. A big thanks to you to share it. My favourate subject is datastructure,algorithm and programming. I need ur advice so i want to chat you. If u have time for this new friend then please reply on my EId- sumitwait@gmail.com. Bye…

@devanshug …hi, thanks for sharing the info…the algorithms: design and analysis course from stanford has some pre requisites …i dont have any except that i know c language…could you please suggest the sources for acquiring the pre requisites for the course…@vineetpaliwal sir i would be grateful if you could also suggest some sources for the same

@imcode : For which pre-requisites you need references .

Thanks a lot. This course is really helpful for novice.

Thanks for the links bro.I have attended some of the coursera courses earlier but was out of touch for some time. Looking forward to this course.

very helpful post, great work!! Thanks buddy…