discrete mathematics

want to know good courses on discrete mathematics on coursera or udacity or nptel and also suggest a good book as it is also very necessary


I agree with you and a good book on Discrete Maths that is also freely available online is:

“Mathematics for Computer Science
Eric Lehman and Tom Leighton

It covers several DM topics which are useful in programming contests :slight_smile:

I would also highly recommend you to check the “Get Started” link from Codechef to Schools initiative in case you haven’t done so, as it is really, really good, an absolute must read and consult :smiley:

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and about lectures on coursera or udacity

Hello again,

As this might be a somewhat long list I decided to write a second answer instead of comment.

On Udacity there are several courses:

Design of Computer Programs

Introduction to Computer Science


Maths applied to Computer Science

On Coursera there are some too:

Discrete Optimization course

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

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Concrete Mathematics by Donald Knuth.

tried to read knuth but no use

actually bro on udacity the course is not systematically organised so any other options if available

@surajkvm007 : Read , Discrete Mathematics , by C.L. Liu , by Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishers . Its not free but very affordable .

pls any more help or any more suggestions

help me with a book available online