Discrepancies in the Voters List

i am getting
Runtime Error(SIGSEGV) although its running fine in my system

this is the code…


memory usage is 2.9M

pls help !!

The problem which I think is that the range of values in the array a[i] may be more than 50000. As the range of values are not given better take it general and then solve the problem. This could be done by finding the values which are present in two or more arrays.

in the question its given that
You may assume that 1 ≤
≤ 50000.
thats why i have taken it 50000…
also checked for 500000 still not working … !

N1 , N2 and N3 are in the range 50000 but not the array elements taken as input. They may have integer range also. So taking fixed size array won’t work.