DIGJUMP cheating case

two solutions same in contest problem

two solutions by two DIFFERENT USERS matching character by character and they were submitted in the contest
codechef should develop and implement some methods to keep a check on these practices atleast for the solutions submitted during codechef contests.

For most of the people these challenges are for learning purpose and for some it is all about earning points or whatever. Code chef should not make anything to check if people are submitting same codes, Instead its users responsibility to solve the problems ethically. This is what I think :slight_smile:


why both of this solution is showing exactly like my solution to the problem… ?? how they get my solutionn during the contest…??

_/ _ Respect Hackers !!!


did you use ideone?

there’ll be many more common solutions by different users. Leave plagiarism checking to codechef and keep calm and Code :slight_smile:


This only happenes when you use idenone and you set secret mode in it instead of private mode

And http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/4001746
They also cheated in forgetpw
@pallavdgr8 is it same as ur solution of forgetpw

@Illusion03 absolutely right but atleast we all should take care of steps like setting to private mode on ideone etc

May be they solved the question in group, and submitted it from both ID’s.

I’d like to know also @pallavdgr8 :wink:

@jones - I agree with you my dear friend. I always use my local machine for generating testcases and checking my code. If only I need to submit it on Ideone i use my ideone account with code setting to private. I think we all should do the same it hardly takes two minutes to create an account instead of just copy pasting the code on ideone making it visible to the code vultures. :smiley:

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