Difficulty level of questions in contests.

In any of the contests, are the problems listed according to the difficulty level. If not is there any way, I could figure out the difficulty of the problems?
Opening each and every question is one way of knowing it. Also, questions could be sorted by seeing the number of users able to solve the question.

Usually, you can judge the difficulty level by the number of submissions for the problems.Greater the nu ber of submissions, easier the problem…

@re_hash The idea is essentially same. But it is actually the other way round.


The only difference is, Easiness of the problem does not change with increase in number of submissions, but the other way can happen! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

But to find the difficulty of a program, just like you suggested, the number of submissions is a real good indicator.

I believe that programming contests (or any kind of competition that involves multiple tasks) require you to develop the skill of judging the difficulty of a problem once you understand the problem. Listing the problems by difficulty would defeat that purpose. Identifying the easier tasks becomes especially crucial in a short contest!

Developing this skill is extremely hard unless you try to simulate contests for yourself (or just participate in a lot of contests).

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