Difficulty in reading solutions

Even though the pseudocodes are given but sometimes we need to see the implementation as well and its always given in languages which are difficult to read for many people. Can the solutions be given in Python if possible because they are in general easier to read…

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I wish you learn C/C++ someday. You will then surely realise that a solution in C/C++ actually makes things much more clear than any other high level language. I would say every programmer must go via the c c++ route to high level languages in order to realise the magic that happens behind high level language library calls.

P.S. Yesterday, I saw a news article where it was mentioned that Stanford University actually removed JAVA from their elementary programming course. Not sure about the legitimacy of this news though.


In which language we are viewing the answer ,does’t matters. If you are familiar with any single Object oriented programming language let it be Java, C++ or any,then you can understand its implementation with just a little help of Google & stackoverflow.
**The main thing is, you must be aware of the steps of your algorithm for the problem & you can go solve it in any language without much problem.
**So,try to focus on algorithm ,because if you get to see the actual solution ,then you would not find that happiness ,which a programmer gets when the screen says “Problem Accepted”.

I’m focused on python too. Though in my opinion, Python and C/C++ are about the same level in readability… The main difference may be that python is orderly as it uses white spaces to indicate nesting while C/C++ uses brackets. If you are familiar with both type of codes, then converting it is about as simple as copy pasting the codes from C/C++ to python.

Just a reminder: You can filter the accepted solutions by language to find all the Python solutions. The downside is that they may not follow the editorial’s approach, so it may be a little harder to understand.

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