Difficulty in finding editorials of practice problem on topcoder

Can anyone provide a link where i can find the editorials of practice problems on topcoder?

Quora suggested this link: http://apps.topcoder.com/wiki/display/tc/Algorithm+Problem+Set+Analysis

but its saying “not permitted”

This link : https://www.topcoder.com/blog/tag/srm-editorials/

has editorials but the problem is that it shows the editorials for a particular contest(and i cant find which contest does a particular problem belong to)

Thank you in advance!!

You don’t use topcoder arena? There you can directly practice from old SRM and that way you can check editorials from 2nd link.

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Yeah i haven’t been on topcoder.

Yeah but i was thinking it would be much better if i could solve question based on their points (like only 300 pointers or so)

Is there a way to find which srm contest a problem belongs to in practie arena?

You can go to old SRM and solve problems according to their points. Start with div2 1000 point as you are 6* here. Then if it’s easy move to div 1.

I created account on topcoder just 2-3 days before. The interface is confusing but i like that we don’t have to care about taking input and just implement the method.

do u use the applet version or web version??

And which is more fast and convinient?

I use their applet.

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I downloaded their applet version too.

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thanx @vijju123 @vbt_95

Can anyone suggest any link of how do we download and use applet version?

That is a struggle in itself :slight_smile:

And while installing, it may prompt that its not secure etc. and you may have to add it in ignore list of JAVA. The struggle awaits you :slight_smile:

I downloaded this : ContestAppletProd.jnlp application

I had to put the site in exception list,after that it succesfully ran.

But when i now see in downloads folder this file no longer exists.

So my doubt now was how do i open it again(should i redownload it)?

I still don’t know why it happens. So i copied the downloaded file to my local disk and run from there everytime.

You sure it doesnt get deleted by something else? Eg- antivirus etc. ?

To access the first website, login on topcoder website i.e. not from that page. They post new editorials here. And for super old SRM, you can find their editorials here.