Difficulties in Upsolving Contest Questions after any contest (Specially ACM ICPC)

Hey there, I have been doing CP for about 4-5 months now. Till now I have been solving questions that require almost direct algorithms and other approaches. However, there are many times when I am not able to understand the editorials of the problems.

Also I find it difficult to read and understand the working of other peoples code. I wanted to know if there are any techniques or suggestions as to how to read and get other peoples code effectively?

Specially the problems in ACM ICPC.

edit:: 3 days and still no answers


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Try solving problems from codeforces . The type of problems in codeforces is very much different from codechef . And it requires a lot of problem solving skills and not just algorithmic knowledge to solve codeforces problems .

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It’s really tough to especially solve on Codeforces. The editorials are so bad and I don’t understand anything, and I never fully understand how others codes work :confused:


Find people who write readable code ( appropriate variable names etc ) before/after the contests on codeforces . Editorials on codeforces are the best (not too detailed , but not too short either ) , look for comments on the blog too , people share their solutions there . If you aren’t understanding the editorial that probably means the problem is little too tough for you , leave it for now and come back later .


Ya, same with me. I understand editorials and other people’s code rarely. So what I do is that I add those questions to my todo list and do other questions and later come back that question. But you should not forget about your todo list after adding questions.

since you mention following people with readable code…can you name a few?

Start solving A2oJ ladders, from DIV 2 A and learn as you go up, DIV 2 A questions are usually easy. Whenever you get stuck check editorial and solution of other coders. You’ll progress but be stubborn. And use C++ to code, probably you are using C++ I guess.

A2oj ladders


Follow this Guy :
Codeforces : http://codeforces.com/profile/biltharesatyendra
Codechef : https://www.codechef.com/users/biltharesatyendra

If you’re on codeforces and attempting some problem there is a good chance that Bilthare did it ,also his solutions are clean and very easy to understand.