Different type of Bug

Here is a new bug I found today about 2-3 times.


There is a random username everytime I open the top contibutor’s list on the top left side instead of showing up my name. Even the standing page is according to the random username.

@admin please look into the matter.


You might have scored less karma’s this month then other contributors standing before you.

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Another bug seen today.

The graph showing the user ratings is not updated. I saw this for many users as well. It shows the rating only till August 2016. But the rating are properly updated.

@admin, please look into the matter.

somebody give him 50 laddus :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh bug found.u might get 50-1000 laddus and this may fetch u an internship in directi.LOL great work…

Hey, can you try and reproduce the bug and send a screen capture of the same? This will help us investigate the bug in a better way.

Each time I refresh, it is showing some different username.

Update: Hey all, the issue has been fixed. If you face it again, kindly do write in to us at: bugs[at]codechef[dot]com

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