Different Ranks for Same Marks in Long Challange


I am very disappointed today
I am a division 2(Rating) coder.
I was at third rank and when I saw ranklist I got disappointed.
I saw the name of the users with same marks and different rank by which my rank has gone to fifth (India , School) in division B.

Note : Long challenge do not consider the WA submission (The best submisions are only considered)

Ranklist of division B

Please let me know what is this going on.

@vijju123 can you please look at this? My initial assumption was that maybe this was due to the tie-breaker problem, but that’s not the case here. It’s some kind of glitch.

I thinks thats the case here. Challenge problem awards scores upto 1e-6. But ranklist shows scores upto 1e-3.

Acknowledged. Forwarded to admin for her response.

@admin pls give your attention here.

@vijju123 How much time does it will take for taking action?

They are looking into it. Time taken depends on the issue.


Mostly it seems like you checked the ranklist when it was not updated completely. After every successful submission, ranklist takes upto 5-10 minutes to update all information completely. Its possible that rank was updated first, followed by the problem solved which was lastly followed by score updation. Perhaps you looked at the learderboard somewhere in between?

I cannot find any inconsistency in leaderboard right now - Just note that right now, challenge problem gives a score upto 6 decimal please (a score of 0.000001 is possible) which might be displayed as problem not attempted at the leaderboard (as it displays score upto 3 decimal places only). We apologize for the same.

So,how the decimal points are awarded in challenge problems. pls explain

It is explained well in challenge problem that how score is calculated. Then best score is considered as 100 points and others get relative points.

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thanks for it