Didn't receive codechef laddus yet for April contrinutors list?

@admin I’ve not received codechef laddus yet for being top contributor April 2017, I had emailed to laddus@codechef.com but there was no response nor my laddus were awarded.

alt text


I also didn’t receive

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I received on 1st may 8 pm. I think the reason you both didnt receive yet as you both came to list after removal of those farmers (and hence laddus would be sent in 2nd installment), while since we are already in list, they sent us laddus immediately after confirmation.

Can someone else also confirm this?

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I too think the same thing @vijju123, probably there exists a code to award laddus on the first day itself to top contributors but because of farmers we got excluded and we weren’t awarded later.