Didn't get laddus for March Long Challenge for the new prizes

I was fastest to solve the problem https://www.codechef.com/MARCH17/problems/EXTRAN of March Long Challenge .

In the new prizes category, one of the prizes said -

First one to solve each of the problems individually: In each rated contest, the first person to solve each problem (100%) will get 100 Laddus

The laddus of this contest have been given but I didn’t receive the laddus for the new prize.

@admin please see.


Just making sure- How do you know the laddus are already distributed? asking cause I really don’t know about that. :slight_smile:

I asked my friends.

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I think the quote you copied from the new laddus system means, that if you get 900 point (tie-breaker isn’t counted) as first, then you get the 100 laddus, not for each problems 100 laddus.

No dear, that’s not the case. Else…who would be able to solve ALL 9 problems first? XD

You don’t have to solve all of them first individually. You have to be the first, who reaches 900 points. So you can solve all 9 problems as 10th individually, if noone else has solved all of them together before you, then you get the laddus. But as I stated at the beginning, it’s only my understanding of the text, maybe I’m wrong.

I see your PoV. From the quoted content, yes we can derive that. But if I remember correctly, admin has himself confirmed that “100 laddu to every coder who solves a particular problem first.” :slight_smile:


BTW, I saw a very dreaded line at codechef’s facebook page today-

#DoYouKnow 5 lucky participants (outside the winners) will be given 200 Laddus each from our #APRIL17? So, what are you waiting for, join in the contest now. #CodeChef

In case someone missed where I am pointing at-

given 200 Laddus each from our #APRIL17?

Can admin or anyone confirm regarding if those new laddus were given from MARCH contests or AFTER March contests?

Apologies. There is a slight delay in disbursing Laddus for some of the categories. It’ll be done soon.


Sorry, that wasn’t the intention of that line. Will be modified.
The new Laddu categories are implemented from MARCH17.

Thank you for the clarification. That line got me confused :slight_smile:

Thanks @admin

It has been given now.