Did the Cook-Off get postponed?

I might be hallucinating, but I swear the counter said that the contest would take place in 1 hour, but now it says 2 hours. Is this an error, am I hallucinating, or did it really get pushed back? If it did get pushed back, why?

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Thanks for your question, without it I would miss that contest…

I just got +10 karma and a new badge for asking a question that I myself closed less than a minute later. Wow.

It looks like it did get postponed, but now it’s by 5 minutes.

Oh, disregard that, they changed it again.

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what’s happening,…they show 4 mins left,and the qs for the previous cook-off !?

I guess things can get hectic with short contests since about 1,000 users go the contest page all at once and the time frame is much shorter.