Did not receive laddus for FEB17


I was placed in the top 20 Indians in the February Long Challenge 2017 (FEB17). But I still did not receive the laddus I was supposed to get. Please check.

You can have a look here - https://www.codechef.com/rankings/FEB17?filterBy=Country%3DIndia&order=asc&sortBy=rank

Don’t worry, you will receive your laddus. Ratings are just updated.

It takes them ~2-3 days to deliver the laddus to your account. If they don’t arrive after that, drop them a mail at laddus@codechef.com

EDIT1- They themselves would drop you a mail stating about the quantity of laddu’s accredited to you and for what reason (so you don’t need to check every now and then if the laddus are accredited or not. Just make sure to check your mail atleast once a day after ~40hrs of the event).

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@admin Still no update :frowning:

Did you write them a mail? Cause yeah, I feel they should had been credited by now (since ratings had been updated quite a while ago)

@utkarsh1997 Laddus for Jan challenge arrived somewhere midway in February. Don’t worry, no one else will eat your Laddus :stuck_out_tongue:



@ankesh18 Damn xD