Did not get the username and passwrod for IIT Kharagpur ICPC Regionals.

When i checked my account in ICPC it says that team is Accepted. But still i have not recieved any username and password from IIT khagrapur or from codechef.What should i do?
i heard that today we have a practice contest. I dont know where should i log in to do that?
PLs guide me

Such urgent problems write to feedback@codechef.com admins do not check this forum often…

Hi Bipin, You can give us a call at (022) - 30797709 or can write to us at feedback@codechef.com to get your problem sorted out soon.

Sir i have mailed you.

There is no practice contest. Can you tell us where have you heard that from? We have already conducted a couple of warm up’s which did not require your team credentials.

We will send you the credentials tonight. Those will be your team credentials. You will need to login during the contest with those credentials. You will not be able to submit problems if you login with your individual account.

In case you do not receive your credentials by tomorrow morning you can give us a call on +91 22 30797099.

The practice contest you might have heard of is at http://felicity.iiit.ac.in/domjudge/ And it starts in a few minutes.



That is not on CodeChef. You did not need these credentials to take part in that. :slight_smile: