Demand for the best solution

I don’t know exactly if there is anything like best solution on codechef. But if it is not there I think we can have something like that on codechef. I know it’s difficult to choose any solution as the best one because there can be many criteria like execution time, easiness of logic followed or algorithm used. Just a suggestion, all the ideas and point of views are weicomed…:slight_smile:


The best solution for problem is, actually subjective to your viewpoint and differs from person to person.

Some people think programs using less time are best
Some people think programs taking a bit more time but taking lesser memory are useful
Some think that the code which is easier to write is best

(All may not agree with all the examples listed above, but the fact is, that I want to prove that a best solution satisfying everybody cannot exist)

I like your viewpoint though!

The best thing you could do is, to ask the question on discussion forum and specify that what exactly more you want. Like-

“I saw the solutions posted for this problem XYZ. But I was wondering if any program could use a simpler algo which takes less time/ if we can do this using concept/method X instead of whats used…&etc”

For contests, editorials are posted and many people reply there with their codes, and some of them are quite good. So you can have a look there for contest questions.

I can understand your viewpoint and I very much appreciate it! But I don’t see any possible way of implementing it. Even if we decide to “vote” for best solution, the best solution may not be what you like (Ex: The type loved by majority will always reign, while you might be looking for a program satisfying some other criteria)

All in all, I will say that the best thing to do is to hunt for the codes satisfying our criteria. Because many times, one thing comes at cost of other.


The simples brute force takes a lot of time!!
The complex and hard to code algo make the same program run in less than a second!

But yes, I liked your viewpoint a lot. It struck me too when I started coding, but I found that best solutions differ and we must search our preferences. So yeah, I will advise you the same.

Hope this answer provided you the viewpoint you were looking for! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I agree to your point of view but I was just thinking if we can have something like best solution or most satisfactory kind then participant would more effort on improving their codes or will try for some better algorithm to complete the same task because more than getting a correct answer it is important to improve your coding skills, so awarding points to the best solution would work as an incentive for improving the execution time(lowering the execution time) of code.Generally it is the tendency of people to go through the solution of those problems which they fail to do during challenges but this will catch the eye of coders to go through the solution with more optimized result. But still I agree to your (@vijju123) point of view that it is really difficult to choose the best solution.Let’s see if someone can up with better solution.

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Yes, I see what you are thinking. It’d really be great! The only problem we have, is how to choose the best solution. If anyone can come up with an idea to solve this problem of choosing best solution, then I think that your suggestion would have very nice results. Lets see what others have to say :slight_smile: