delay in editorials

Why does codechef take too much time in posting editorials?
They should be posted just after the end of contest like in codeforces so that we can find mistake in our approach.

now a days they do post editorials just after the contest ends. Like maybe in 30 mins or so.

Why does @anonymous1798 take too much time in seeing that the editorials are already posted? He should see them just after the end of the contest like in codeforces so that we can avoid useless questions on discuss.

PS: CF editorials take a few days as well at times :slight_smile:

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@vijju123 where is the editorials for june cook-off?
UPD: Got it!

thanks @aryanc403

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xD @vijju123 getting savage day by day :smiley:


Learning from CF xD @soham1234

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Try checking discuss after 30-60min of contest. It takes time linking them to problems. But editorials are posted instantly here.

They are posted instantly but bringing forum up takes some time. xD

@vijju123 i was not aware that editorials have been posted now on discuss section and not link to problems directly but yup your sarcastic answer made me aware about this:)

Not sarcastic. xD . I saw one of the CF blog rant on div3 using this style. I wanted to try it out :stuck_out_tongue:

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