Delay in Editorials

Hey all,

I just want to share my views on “Delay in editorials”. Codechef, don’t you think it actually spoils the fun in coding and learning?.
I mean, when a contest is going on, we exercise our brain to think about a solution of a problem and somewhat somewhere we give up and we wait for this contest to end and just to see what we missed and where we were wrong.

If editorials are up in a day or two, we can actually relate our thinking/approach with the editorials. When I used to see an editorial after week or 10 days, I am generally not able to relate that easily, what my approach was at that time. Maybe this is a case with me and I do apologize for this in case I am wrong.

I’m not blaming anyone. There may be some problem or reason for this delay. But there is always a workaround.
And I am grateful for such a good website for helping us to learn and build our skills.

But small things do make a difference.



Codechef can do one thing… they can at least upload the clean and well commented solutions of setter and tester for problems whose editorials are not ready at the moment. Its better to have at least something than nothing.