Degrading Difficulty Level in Long Challanges

I have been noticing and surely many of the fellow programmers have noticed the degrading difficulty level of the Long challenge problems. The recent Long Challenges including this year’s Feb Long Challenge have stood up to be fairly easy as compared to the past Long Challenges held on Codechef.
The Div2 problem statements specifically have been barely reduced to simple logical brain teaser problems which include simple math and no coding effort at all.
Also it seems the problems do not seem to emphasize on data structures and algorithms as evident from the subtle increase in the AC submissions of most difficult problems of Div2 set.
I hope Codechef turns up with better problems for future Long Challenges atleast for Div2 contestants.


I agree with your thoughts. Just like the majority of participants, I managed to solve the first 5 problems with little difficulty. Whereas in the previous contests it took me days to even come up with a proper solution.
The degradation is quite evident when we look at the number of submissions for the last 2 questions. Each of them have over 1500 submissions unlike the previous contests, where barely 100 contestants managed to solve the last 2. I feel the last 3-4 questions should consist of some algorithmic problems. This will help contestants to learn new concepts.

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try atcoder grand contests and codeforces div1 contests(div2 also as there is almost no difference bw them , because div1e is for legends so remove it , only one ques. matters div1d) . it will test ur real skills especially atcoder.

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Yep the questions were on the easier side this time but ARTBAL really got me thinking for a long time xD

Its better if Codechef shifts back to old long challenge pattern with 10 problems , no divisions !!


Art of Balance and Manhattan Rectangles were two amazing questions. The idea of getting the co-ordinates in less than 7 queries took me almost a week to figure out.

Earlier the division 2 consists of 5 problems based on reasoning and rest 3 on data structure and algorithms.
I think codechef should switch the previous pattern!

Yes I agree with you, January and February challenge were not that good.
Cook-offs used to be too unbalanced but this time they were really good- balanced and had tricky questions. Maybe they are taking things seriously and improving on it. SO, let’s wait until the next long challenge.