Decimal integer

What is a decimal integer?
Can be a negative value?
Can have a floating point? Please explain this if possible with an example.

Please share a link to the problem you found this terminology in.
Generally, you can take a look at the sample cases and make quite an accurate guess.

This question is related to the ongoing Long Challenge.

Please, can you also explain the possible values of N like can it have 0 or not, I know there cannot have leading zero, but can N be like 1400232?
I tried asking in comments but no reply.

Hmmm, maybe this isn’t a violation… “Posting questions clarifying the problem statement is ok.” But maybe they meant that only for comments section. I don’t know. @vijju123 @admin you say.

Is there anything someone can do about explanation or do I need to make a separate post about not getting reply in live contest? It’s been more than 2 days, I personally don’t think that my comment was violating any codechef rules just a simple query.