December long challenge editorials

I check the website daily for dec13 editorials. Please let me know what is the expected date for the same.

u can go through this link…LINK…hope this is what u r looking for…:stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks for this link, any idea about the official editorials?

@tarun_007: the editorials in the above link are the official ones, except for cubes(still 3 more are to be uploaded officially), its just that the link is not updated in the contest page :wink:
Decorate editorial:


I noticed that all the editorials are available for december challenge problems, but the link is still not up in the contest page,as the new users might find it difficut to search for editorials in the forum, i think it will be helpful if the link is updated :slight_smile:


Hi tarun_007, all the editorials for December Challenge have been uploaded. You can check them here: