December challenge -xor of subarray

In the problem “chef and easy xor queries” of the current december challenge , we need to output the ‘number of magical subarrays whose xor of all elements is equal to a certain number’.Can someone explain what ‘xor of all elements means’?I had presumed it was the xor was commutative ie (a^b^c) was the same as (a^b)^c,but in the given example , ie the array 1 1 1 1 1 , the number of magical subarrays with xor=1 is 3.How?I can work out the answer to be 2 as the only subarrays with xor 1 are ((a[0]^a[1])^a[2])and(a[0]^a[1]^a[2]^a[3])^a[5]`

Is there something I am not getting?(Not about the problem,but about the concept of xor queries…)

It will be better if you ask your problem in comment section of that question.

Didn’t know that existed,Thanks.

The length of a subarray can be 1. So, [A[0],] is also a subarray with xor 1. :slight_smile:

a[0] is considered a subarray

@devildudeja u might post the above question as comment below the pblm so that it might be useful for them.

Please dont ask or answer queries related to on going contest, no matter how small or trivial.

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question CPLAY is so confusing!