December Challenge 2017 plagiarism report

@admin, my friend just received a mail regarding his solution of December Challenge, 2017 being caught under plagiarism. I just wanted to know that will the December ratings be rejudged? Which means will the ranks of the contest be readjusted?

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I don’t think so, they just catch you and you submissions get removed. That’s it. For example, this “smart chap” is being caught from, I don’t know, probably the beginning of time. Codechef has removed the submissions but the account isn’t banned. Most of the cheating is done on IDEONE, where because by default the settings are set to public, the moment you code, the code becomes public, and some people literally sit on ideone, just to copy such entries. Once they get the solution…You know the rest


Ya thats true, I used ideone for compling my code and someone just stole it. Now CodeChef penalizing me.


No, there wont be any rejudge until its really necessary. The ranks getting adjusted? Not sure- I think they should. But the crux of matter is, the updated rank wont be of much use I guess?

Regarding the ideone thing- thats a platform made for sharing code and open source- a purpose altogether different from competitive coding. Please avoid using such compilers to compile your code. There was a case when someone used an external third party compiler like ideone, and later that website got a security breach due to which his solution got public, and copied. @admin cannot hear to these cases particularly - for fariness she has to treat all such similar cases equally. Hence, the request was denied and he was penalized as well.

So the thing is, avoid all sort of such compilers. At least for long contest, you can check your code on codechef ide much better. In the end, its always good to have a local C++ compiler, in case codechef ide gives you issues.


That person is me :frowning:
From now I am going to stick onto codechef ide. As @vijju123 has said, please don’t use ideone for compiling your code. Even if your default settings are private, sometimes the website gets updated and your default settings are back to public.

Exactly, and going by previous decisions, we cannot expect leniency in this case :frowning: