DEC13 Ranking update taking so long !

Now that all the rejudging is over, why is it taking so much time for the ranking update to happen?


Let them first publish the editorials.


I don’t see how rankings and editorials are related.

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Codechef also checks for cheating cases(duplicate solutions) I think these days. So that checking takes time. I think then only it will update the ratings.

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Psst… its so frustrating to wait for the editorials and ranking updates. Its almost a week. C’mon Codechef you can do better than that!!


I think they should improve their algorithm … :slight_smile: … If they are checking solutions for similarity… they should apply some heuristic instead of doing something very exact…

CodeChef doesn’t delay updating the ranks to check for cheating cases. Atleast not anymore. As far as I know, they first update the ranks, then look for cheating cases and if they find any cheaters their scores will be reduced after the next month’s contest or they’ll be banned. This is what they mentioned in one of their blog posts or somewhere in the discuss section a few months ago. But I really wish they’d speed things up a bit. I read that the top 20 on the Indian ranklist will be notified through e-mail that they’ll be getting t-shirts. I came 9th and I didn’t get even the e-mail yet and even the cook-off is over already. Not that I participated for the purpose of getting a t-shirt, but this is my first time winning anything through a contest and I was really looking forward to receiving my first trophy (the t-shirt). Codechef is great and I love it. The only thing I hate is how slow it can sometimes be. Once, it took more than 10 or 15 days to update the ranks after a long contest.

Well, for some time already, it seems they do not update the ranks.

Now that the rankings are updated for short contests, I hope the same happens for long contests as well, soon !

UPDATED… :slight_smile:


Hi All, We have calculated the ratings for December Long and December Cook-Off 2013. We regret the inconvenience caused. :slight_smile: