data structure

iam fed up wid “linked lists”, can smone help me 2 undrstand d topic.

Link List is a commonly used data structure. Link list can be considered similar to array since both of them stores data, but all disadvantages of array are coped up by link list, like (some that i can think has been listed below):
a) In array inserting elements in beginning can be really be tiresome as we need to move all the existing elements. But in Link list we can add a new node at the beginning or in the middle.( you have to have a good concept of pointers)
b) we have to allocate memory initially, ie once allocated we cannot increase or decrease the allocated space. But in link list memory is allocated dynamically.

An array allocates memory for all its elements lumped together as one block of memory, but a link list allocates each element its own block of memory called node. A node of a link list has a data part and address part. The address part contains the address of the next node.

firstly you can understand concepts of linklist through these videos link:

secondly,after understanding it well,you can try some of these problem