Data Structure & Algorithm

what are the best books to learn data structure & algorithm?

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I used the books

  1. “Data Structures and Algorithms” by “Michael T. Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia”
  2. “Data structures and algorithm analysis” by “Mark Allen Weiss”

Both books have good description, necessary proofs and snippet implementations too; and the exercises at the end are also good.
PS: both books also have their language specific books (DS & A in C++/Java).


I personally like “Algorithms” by Robert Sedgewick. It’s a nice introduction that helps you understand elementary data structures and algorithms, along with implementations of all of them. The only possible downside is that all of the implementations are in Java, which might not be best if you don’t know Java.

But, there is another powerful book I’m sure many programmers have heard of:

The Art of Computer Programming by Don Knuth

Excellent book that covers both basic data structures/algorithms and advanced ones. Highly recommended.