CSEQ - April15 Long (Time Limit Verification)


I would like to know the time constraints about this problem. I have an algorithm which takes

O(20*N) time. 

where N is ((10power6) + 3).

Subtask-3 is getting TLE. Does the solution needs more improvement then that? I’m really exhausted optimizing it. I may have reached the atomic state of optimization.

Please let me know the Time constraints in O() notation. @admin: In case, any verification of code needed please see this submission. http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/6692845


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Hi @codedecode0111

It is against codechef rules to discuss solutions to any problem during an ongoing contest. Also, your solution is not visible to anyone for an ongoing contest.

The time-limit is mentioned in the problem, there may be a different approach. :slight_smile:

The editorials will be put up after the contest, you can verify there.

Happy Coding! :smiley:

Hi @sanchitkum,

I don’t want to discuss the actual solution/approach to the problem.

The time-limit mentioned is 1 second. I wanted to know in big-O notation. So, like that I can validate it with my algorithm Time-complexity.

I know the code won’t be visible to any users but however admin may see it. Hence, the tag. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try to debug further.


Look at the constraints and they say a lot about O()…