Cross MACH???

HI All
I have read this before, from another Soul…but i do not think he went answered.

Relatively new to CF, i can solve 4-6 problems in a month’s Challenge. But i cannot go further, yet.
Looking at most of our stalwarts here
DJDolls, @vineetpaliwal …and so forth…their rise is so humbling.
They’ve been scoring 7-8 at least ever since they started.
I can only compare them to my perennial fav Anton Lunyov. He’s like a rattle snake…started out slow, but now kicks ass. but most importantly Anton’s humble and wants to spread his knowledge.

Starting is supposed to be humble. Those who did start well, congratulations to those but if I talk about beginners like me, I would say there is always something better waiting for you. I am with the hope that practice will lead to something good. Well wishes for you and everyone. Enjoy programming.

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