Criteria for adding Editorials ?

Are we allowed to add EDITORIALS to problems of past contests or does one needs to meet some criteria to be allowed to add editorials ?
Thanks !


adding editorials will help those who didn’t understand the official you can add editorials of past contests as it will be helpful.

There is no restriction whatsoever, Except… Just dont copy-paste the official one (:stuck_out_tongue: XD hahaha. But on a serious note, there is no restriction. You can consider posting an editorial on medium-hard problems of contest. Those will be surely appreciated!)

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If you are interested in writing Official Editorials look here :

If you are good, you even get paid :).

As per Unofficial Editorials, like @vijju123 said, there are no restrictions except copy pasting ofc.

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Thanks ! That helps

Yes, just mark your editorials as ‘UNOFFICIAL’ and you’re good to go !

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Thanks I’ll keep that in mind.