Course about data structures and algorithms

Hello programmers,

maybe some of you would like to learn some basic data structures and algorithms…

Coursera opened new 6 week long online course Algorithms, part I, in part II there will be graph algorithms and string matching algorithms if you are interested :wink:



Thanks for sharing this information.

This is what I like about CodeChef is that users tend to share any information they have. This practice will definitely help the fellow coders to improve and learn more about algorithms and coding.

I really like the concept of MOOC’s.

But I wanted to share that I agree this is a very good course (I took some classes when it was opened last time during Feb/March ) but the presenters generally code in Java and it is very much stated in the description

Recommended Background

All you need is a basic familiarity
with programming in Java. This course
is primarily aimed at first- and
second-year undergraduates interested
in engineering or science, along with
high school students and professionals
with an interest (and some background)
in programming.

So that is the problem I faced when I tried this course.

PS: The course content and teaching is very good and for those who have some basic knowledge of Java its very beneficial specially for the rookie coders like me who have just started.
And there is no harm in atleast joining the course and give it a try.

Also, I would like to suggest another course :

Its going to start in another 4 days. The part 1 of this course was concluded recently. This time around they will focus on greedy algorithms and dynamic programming.

Here is the link to the first part of the course:

You can add it to watchlist and you’ll be notified when the course will start next time.

Till then by enrolling you can access the video lectures and pdf / ppt slides of the course. (Although no certificate of accomplishment will be issued till the course goes live next time).

Hope most of you will join the above stated courses.

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Is it free? I mean no fee require?

Yes, it’s free :wink: Except the book.

@brenson_164 ya it’s free. So do give it a try.

Can you also post the link for the first part? Maybe so-one would like to add those to watch list…

@betlista I have edited the post and added the link for the first part.
Thanks for informing.

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@betlista : I have added some tags without your permission. If you have any problem, kindly inform me, I’ll undo the modifications.

@viaan: No problem :wink: