country code & rank problem

why I don’t see my rank? and why I don’t have any country code?

You will be able to see you rank if you participate in atleast one contest(monthly challenge/cook-off).
You can view list of future contests here.


@qusarayevq : The country needs to be filled by you in your profile . You can update/edit your profile and country if not already present . If even after that you dont see country code , maybe it will take time to update if its a new profile . Also as @maheshwar44 said you will get a rank only by participating in atleast one codechef internal contest like monthly challenge or cook-off . External contests and practice problems don’t give you ranking . But you can see statistics of total problems solved whether in contest or practice .


I undeerstood. thank you. but I have another question. can I participate in any contest now? I mean is there any contest which now is going on?

@qusarayevq Your rating is affected only by Codechef Long and Short contests. You can see the contest dates here :

Well bro everything about codechef rating is already discussed on this thread.

If you have any other query you can make a comment at this thread. :slight_smile:

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@qusarayevq : See there are three types of contests and three different rating systems in codechef , hence three different ratings . All these 3 contest types are INDIVIDUAL contests .

  1. Long contest : Starts first Friday of every month and lasts 10 days . It has nine algorithmic questions in which you either succeed or fail hence getting 1 or 0 points . The tenth problem is an optimization/AI problem in which it is not possible to get to best solution in required time because the problem is NP Hard etc . In this problem you are given score relative to best solution submitted amongst all participants .

  2. Cook off contest : This is typical held on 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month at 21:30 pm IST ( Indian Standard Time ) and lasts 2.5 hours ( 150 minutes ) . It has five algorithmic problems . Solving each problem gets you one point regardless of difficulty . Ties in cook-off are broken according to time penalty . Time penalty calculation rules are described on each cook-off contest page .

  3. Lunch time contest : In this only SCHOOL students get rating . Rest everyone just participates for laurels . It also has 5 problems like cook-off . But in this there is partial marking i.e. if you pass some of the test cases you get some points and if you pass all the test cases you get full points .

There are EXTERNAL contests also hosted by codechef , but codechef rating is not affected by them and codechef does not guarantee quality of problems in these contests . You have to read the individual contest page for rules . Some may be team and some may be individual contests .

The contest dates can be found at :

On the codechef home page you may notice a timer which gives next contest that is about to happen and time left for it . ( This timer is only for 3 type of codechef contests , not external contests . For information on external contests you need to go to above link ) .

@qusarayevq : Meanwhile forgot to mention next contest is a LONG CONTEST ( 10 days ) and starts on 7 th February at 15:00 IST ( Indian Standard Time ) . thank you. I have understood…

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