Counting The Important Pairs probelm solving

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my code is located at //removed

I am a new user to codechef can any one please suggest me what are thing we must take care while coding. I have seen most of the submissions are in C++, is this because of C++ is faster than other languages ?


Firstly discussing a problem from live contest is not encouraged.(so u have to wait till the contest is over to discuss ur solution with others)

Now ur question about what are the points to be noted : it is available in the FAQ page.

Yes, C++ is faster than all the other languages, but the timelimits are adjusted accordingly for other languages.

If a question has a timelimit of X seconds, then :

  1. C,C++ timelimit X sec.

  2. Java,Python 2X sec

  3. PHP,Ruby,Lisp 3X sec(source:codechef FAQ)

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